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Bali is a one of the most complete island in the world which has so many various type of leisure inside. What it cross you in mind, it is already there: from budget hotel to diamond-world class hotel, from the beaches to the mountains, from the cultural touch to the modern thing, from food to beverage, all is here. That's including for the spectacular-most popular in the world sunset and sunrise experience. Bali island is the perfect island to be visited not only for a solo traveler but also for those who with the family, group of company or a couple traveler. The island has been visistedby the tourist around the world: all Asian and Europen countries, Australian, China and part of African countries. Although Bali is only a small island (5,780 km square), to get the most possible ever to enjoy the island with all its unique cultures and modern living, be sure one thing with you: Get a Bali car hire with you!

Bali Car Hire

Why you need a Bali car hire service

In Bali there is lack of public transporation which that's mean you just count on your own vehicle. No public bus which has the route to the places of interets. No MRT or train station. No UBER in Bali. The only that you can count for the transportation in Bali is 1 thing: taxi service. When you heard this fact it will quickly crossed to your mind an ask: So as a tourist how can I explore the island? Smart question.

Yes (luckily) there is taxi service in Bali. Those taxi service separated into two classification; conventional and online taxi. Conventional taxi is the one with metres, and online taxi is like Uber. But to remind there is no Uber service in Bali. There are local name for public taxi or transportation acted like Ubud called Gojek and Grab. But there has been many denial from the authorized-conventional taxi driver.

For your information, you cannot order Gojek or Grab at Bali airport on your arrival. You cannot order them in your hotel. You can also order them from places of interest in Bali. Why is that? Because that is the rules.

So knowing the fact about the transportation issue in Bali, there is no doubt that renting a Bali car hire is the best-possible thing that tourist can do.



It is safe to drive and it is advisable to hire a car in Bali. Yet it is simple and easy. Just browse this page and see the available car hire there. Choose the one which is best for your need. By hire a car with self driven option you will have freedom to determine of where will you go inside the island, any time any where. You can just stop by in various places of interest as much as you like. To do this you can started by knowing how many person of group and then you can just whether you need a small size car or a medium one. Small size car is consideting for 4 seater car with the medium one is for 7 seater. Please note you do not need a luxury or 4WD car or expensive car hire in Bali. Bali is only a small island. Even only a small-automatic car hire is more than just enough for you. It can easily climbing the mountain on the way to the north side of Bali. The power of the car is guaranteed can drive you into every part of the island.


Hire mini van Bali with driver

Hire a car with the driver in Bali make your day on the road will be stress free. As you just sit and let the driver drive you to where ever you want to go. Our Balinese experienced driver will make sure your holiday in Bali by hire a car with the driver to be unforgetable one. This is because you can visit all the places of interest you desired on time and on schedule. And safe. Furthermore if you have baby in your group. To make sure that your trip is safe - including for your baby - we are also provide a baby and child car seat that can be rented separately. The baby car seat is convenience for 1 - 5 years old child. It is also available for a booster seat for a baby less than one year old.


The price is vary from the cheapest price USD 18 per day to the most expensive one USD 65 per day. It is basically for self driven or with the driver. Which car hire price is suitable for you it is depend on how many person of your group and how nice is the car you would like to take. Please note the price does not including petrol. The price offered is including car rental insurance with some excess on it. You may please consult us for more information regarding the car hire insurance terms. For you information there is two kind of car hire insurance; standard insurance and full covered insurance. Most Bali car finder prefered the first one.


For those who stay longer in Bali and need the car hire for the entire days when living in Bali, we also provide a long terms car rental Bali. This kind of long terms renting is tipically minimum a month of renting. It is available in any type of the car to hire monthly, either for self drive or with driver. When you hire a car in monthly basis please remember you will always get a better price than in daily basis. The payment of the car hire must be done on the first day of each month. We can deliver the car at any area in Bali island for the long terms of car rental Bali, for example is we deliver the car hire in Sanur.

So are you already understand with the A - Z hire a car in Bali? If so it's time for you to make a booking of your favorite car hire. You do not need to hire a car from an international car hire brand such as Avis or Trac. A local Bali car hire like us guaranteed will be more profesional from them. This is because we operate the car hire directly by our own management. We maintain the cars under our own supervision, while those international company don't.

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